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Inverse Everything

A MicroArchitecture

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Word as Image

The Complete Animade Lernz


Ripple Counter remote numerical display.
The display has 24 digits – If we imagine that the device counts 1 ripple per second the display would take 31709791983764586.5043125 years to max out.

(Source: kumikokuwabara)


Sublime gadget #3: The Bionic Requiem.
The Bionic Requiem initially exists as an anticipatory device: its music box poised to play a tune once the motor turning the barrel receives electricity. This electricity is supplied by a microbial fuel cell generating electrical energy from the consumption of captured flying insects. This quiet activity continues in the background until one day sufficient energy has been harvested to turn over the motor, linked via the belt to the music player and revealing its mysterious tune.

(Source: kumikokuwabara)


Sublime gadget #7: The Final Journey.
The Final Journey employs a contemporary favourite of the gadget shop – the spy camera, here used to document a sublime final journey. The device facilitates a quiet and dignified memorial through the gentle lifting of a symbolic portion of the ashes into space. The ashes and wireless camera are attached to a helium filled balloon. Family and friends tune their receiver into the camera’s frequency, let go of the balloon and it gently rises capturing the moving image of them waving goodbye. Eventually the signal breaks and the picture turns to white noise. The ashes continue to rise into the sky and a destination with unlimited imaginary potential.

(Source: kumikokuwabara)